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NEM Initiative is currently supported by European Commission through the (FP7) Future NEM project. In the past, the NEM was supported by 4NEM and NEMi projects.

Future NEM is assisting the NEM Initiative by stimulating the activities that industry cannot perform by itself. It includes the necessary tasks to meet the following objectives:

  • To keep a high visibility of the NEM Initiative thanks to publication of the NEMLetter and new communication tools where needed
  • To promote the contribution of NEM to the various Future Internet coordination instruments in order to keep a high profile of content related matters in the Future (Media) Internet
  • To support the organisation of the Open NEM discussion Forum that will advise the platform on various issues
  • To prepare the definition of the future of the NEM Initiative, NEM2.0
  • To assist the production of relevant positions on research directions and to organise the emergence of NEM public positions
  • To support the organisation of the NEM Summit
  • To facilitate liaison with other R&D communities around the world in order to promote the NEM messages
  • To foster the development of academic initiatives to develop training courses at the service of the NEM industry
  • To promote NEM to new communities, especially Content producers
  • To develop the presence of NEM at the national/local level in order to involve more SME actors in its works

The Future NEM consortium consists of key actors of the NEM platform:

  • Technicolor (coordinator)
  • BBC
  • Eurescom
  • France Telecom
  • Game
  • IRT
  • Pôle Images&Réseaux
  • Rose vision
  • Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
  • Sigma Orionis