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NEM Activities

As NEM Steering Board has the responsibility to push for action at all levels of interest within the NEM community, in order to provide response to the NEM Vision and encourage further evaluation of NEM Strategic Research Agenda, it created a new instrument for collaboration among NEM members by establishing NEM Activities. On advice and request, the Steering Board may set up the NEM Activities of limited duration to deal with particular issues of special concern to its mission. Furthermore, the NEM Activities should increase visibility and strength of the NEM Initiative improving its impact in public and among relevant European and national organisations and bodies.

NEM Activities should ensure:

  • Significant involvement of NEM community / NEM members,
  • Coverage of various topics of interests from NEM area, and
  • Regular contributions of Activity results to NEM community and wider.

How to join a NEM Activity:

In order to join a NEM Activity, you have to contact respective Activity leaders or co-leaders. Links to NEM Activities are available on the left page bar.

Procedure for creation of NEM Activities

1) NEM Activities are established by NEM Steering Board on request from NEM members.

2) Each NEM Activity must be coordinated by a designated Activity leader. If an Activity is proposed by a NEM member who is not in the NEM Steering Board member one Steering Board member will serve as rapporteur to represent the Activity at respective meetings.

3) Proposals for creation of new NEM Activities have to be sent to NEM Office by e-mail to: The proposal should include the following:

  • Activity title
  • Name, affiliation, and e-mail address of the Activity Leader - to be published on the NEM website as main Activity contact
  • Name, affiliation, and e-mail addresses of Activity Co-leaders (optional)
  • Abstract/summary describing scope of the Activity - to be published on the own website under NEM domain
  • Detailed Activity description (optional) in PDF format - to be made available on the NEM website for download
  • Important: Abstract/summary and/or detailed Activity description must contain clear Activity plan for next period (6 – 12 months) and objectives to be achieved within this period
  • Any results, deliverables, reports, etc., created by the NEM Activity must be published published on the NEM website (in form of PDF files ready for download)

4) After approval by the Steering Board, NEM Office will publish received information on the website, create a corresponding e-mail list under NEM domain, and distribute a Call to all NEM members to join the Activity. The e-mail list will be updated on request received from the Activity Leader. Dedicated FTP space for each Activity can be created on request as well.

5) In the case of submission of Activity ideas with similar scope, an appropriate merge between Activities will be proposed by the Steering Board. Final decision right has NEM Executive Group.

6) Regular review of NEM Activities on recent achievements and future plans will be carried out at NEM Steering Board meetings. Rule: "no activity performed - no NEM Activity (Activity cancellation)" will be strictly applied by the Steering Board!