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New NEM Mission

The New NEM Mission document describes orientation of the NEM European Technology Platform in the scope of Horizon 2020 programme.

The NEM Initiative is one of the recognized European Technology Platforms of Horizon 2020 programme, aiming at building sustainable European leadership in content, media, and the creative industries. With the launch of the Horizon 2020, a renewed NEM Initiative, for the time being called “New NEM”, will pursue its objective to promote an innovative European approach to convergent Media, Content and Creativity towards a Future Media Internet that will enhance the lives of European citizens through a richer media experience.

The New NEM Mission document can be downloaded here.

NEM Vision

Intention of NEM Vision documents is to present the vision statement of the Networked and Electronic Media (NEM) Initiative, which includes the key challenges that the NEM sector will have to face in the long-term. The description of the NEM picture today and the vision from industry for the future is based on the input from stakeholders of the NEM field, including broadcasters, telecom operators, manufacturers of professional equipment, and manufacturers of consumer electronics, academia, and standardisation bodies. Current version of the vision document presents the long-term statement of the NEM Initiative and expected developments in the NEM area for the time-period 2010 – 2020.

NEM Vision document is created by the NEM Steering Board, which appoints a respective editorial group, in consultation with NEM members.

NEM Vision documents are issued regularly every one-two years.

Actual NEM Vision document

NEM Vision 2020 (version 2009)

Previous versions of the Vision document