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NEM Position Papers

NEM position papers are documents giving the NEM Initiative view on any subject related to the networked electronic media area. The NEM position papers typically include: letters of advice to the Commission, formal opinions submitted to the Commissioner, submissions to regulatory bodies, or any other formal statement of this nature, as well as further views of the NEM community on various technological, societal, and policy issues related to NEM.

List of issued NEM position papers

Big and Open Data (December 2013)

Position Paper on Connected TV (December 2012)

Position Paper on Education and Training (December 2012)

Social networks, Social media and Platforms for collective awareness and action (November 2012)

Position Paper on Networked 3D Multimedia (June 2012)

NEM response to EC consultation on Green Paper (May 2011)

NEM Position Paper on Future Research Directions (February 2011) - Opportunities for an Innovative Digital Europe

NEM & the Digital Agenda for Europe (December 2010)

NEM Position paper on Intelligent Transport Systems (October 2010)

NEM Position paper on Energy efficiency (October 2010)

NEM Position paper on Content Management (November 2009)

NEM Position paper on Home Networks for Multimedia Content Delivery (June 2009)

NEM position paper on Standardisation (February 2009)

NEM Position Paper on Digital Cinema (October 2008)

NEM Position Paper on International Cooperation (March 2008)

NEM Position Paper on Mobile TV (October 2007) Restricted access - please, contact

NEM Big Challenges document (July 2006)

  • presents five big challenges on which NEM should focus investments and commit R&D efforts in the coming years

Comments on the revision of the Television without Frontiers Directive from NEM Regulatory Group (May 2006)